FAQ's: Buying from us

It's now easier than ever to find your next fashion-bargain!

Buying second hand clothes makes me nervous, how can i be sure I'll be happy with the quality?
What if I change my mind or it doesn't fit?
Do you have a store where i can try on your stock?
What payment options are there?
What are the delivery costs and options?
Who do you courier with?
Can i collect from your office?
What is your return policy?

FAQ's: Consigning with Hanger

We’ve made the consignment process super easy – be sure to read through our FAQ section on Consigning with Hanger and then click on the “Sell with us”
icon on our website to receive all relevant information straight to your

How does the consignment process work?
What commission rate do you charge?
Why sell through Hanger and not directly via Facebook Marketplace?
What brands do you accept?
What quality checks should i do at home before sending clothes to Hanger?
How do i get the clothes to you to sell?
How long after you receive my clothes do i hear from you?
What happens to the clothes you don't want to consign?
How long do you keep my clothes before returning them, if they don't sell?
How and when do i get paid?

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