About us

Hanger was started at the beginning of lockdown, from Tracey’s spare bedroom at home. She saw a gap in the market and started posting her own clothing for sale on Instagram. She then started reaching out to other ladies on the platform, and stumbled across my mum’s account.

My mum has always been one for selling her gently worn clothing, as she just has so much of it! At the time that Tracey messaged her, she was looking for someone new to sell her items so it was meant to be. Fast forward three years, and my mum and I are now the new owners of Hanger – proudly taking over what Tracey has built with big hopes to grow it to something even bigger!

There’s a lot of buzz about sustainable fashion and the positive effect on the environment.  We’ve seen iconic designer labels, such as Burberry, launching ‘rental and resale’ departments and other big players following suit.  This is huge! The way we shop for fashion is changing and we get so excited when I hear women compliment each other and say “it’s  Hanger” or “I got it at a thrift shop”.

Re-sale clothing stores are becoming a brand in their own right, and in so doing, making circular fashion the new black!